Saturday, December 20, 2008

Picky Eaters!

My almost 3 year old, who used to eat everything in sight, is now a very picky eater. At dinner, if it is something he doesn't want, he says "all done" and pushes away the plate. No amount of coaxing will get him to eat. Any suggestions? We have made him stay at the table until everyone is finished and he is not allowed anything else for the rest of the night. I think he is getting more stubborn so that might be part of the problem. Does anyone else struggle with this fun adventure at the dinner table?

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Okay, I can't make everyone an administrator on the blog--it only allows a couple, so if you have children's authors that you want added to our list please just comment on this post and I'll add the ones you suggest. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing who you like... Dana

Friday, November 28, 2008

Sugar Free Gummy Worms

Maybe everyone knows this already but our household learned
the hard way. Sugar Free candy can give small children (and adults)
horrible gas and explosive diarrhea. We bought some Sugar Free gummy
worms at the mall the other day. We were there taking pictures and
used them as a bribe to get Abigail to cooperate when she was getting
tired. Well...she ate like 8 of them and that night was bad. She didn't
complain of not feeling well but for about four hours we were changing
diapers like crazy and then she got a bad rash. Lesson learned give 'em
Sugar not Sugar Free even if it is a bribe or treat.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Been awhile...

Hello everyone,
It seems I haven't posted in quite awhile, so thought I'd just do a quick one today.
I changed the look of the blog a little--the header and the colors. I also added a list on the side of recommended children's authors. I thought we'd start with picture books and then if there are those of you interested in chapter books we can move there... If you are an author on our blog you can simply sign in and then edit the list. I thought it might be nice to use the author's website as a link to their name so we can check them out before going to the library.
Enjoy your Thanksgivings!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bad Mommy Badge

Okay, I have to admit I think I deserve a bad mommy badge for the day. I am about at my wits end with Justin at night. He goes for spurts of sleeping through the night and then spurts of not. Right now we are NOT. 2 nights ago I gave in and slept on the floor in his room....not sure if this was the best idea, but it was 12:30 and 45 minutes of crying and I was too tired, so I just did. I used to let him come to bed with me after Todd is awake around 4am...that was fine, but not at 12:30.

So, he first screamed for 45 minutes before he fell asleep at all, then he was up again at 12:30 scraming....I refused to sleep on the floor and refused to let him kick Todd out of bed (another thing we have done in the past 2 weeks). So, I lay in bed and get upset because he won't stop crying. I go in his room, didn't pick him up and told him to lay down. He did....stood at the doorway for a few minutes and left, he screams and bangs and rattles his crib...I go to bed....I get up again and go in 15 minutes later...same thing....same, I told Todd I couldn't do it....and I was at my WITS with him....I might end up spanking him if I have to go in again. I wanted to sleep in my OWN bed.

Todd goes to his room and sleeps on the floor. So, now I feel like:

1. Bad mommy for not comforting him and sleeping in his room
2. Bad wife for hubby having to do this and then go to work in the morning

It is really frustrating because he can't tell us what is wrong? Is he teething? Is he scared? He doesn't say but about 15 words (sorta) how do we know?

He is almost 2 years old...he should be sleeping through the night...not screaming all hours of the night..right?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Laundry and cleaning and playing, oh my!

Like many of you, I am a stay at home mom. I find it hard to believe I have trouble getting everything done in my household. Why is it I occasionally can go weeks without dusting and only seem to get it done in a cleaning frenzy when someone is coming over? It's not because I spend my days playing with the kids...I find myself telling them more than I like that I am busy and can't play. I don't spend too much time on the computer...I am a magnet for the kids, so I wouldn't get anything done anyway. I don't sit and eat bon-bons on the couch while reading a novel. But I can't seem to keep up with all of it.

I have been thinking of trying to "schedule" cleaning chores. I already try to get all the laundry done on Monday. That's all I do that day. We even have leftovers for dinner. Our home is about 2500 sq ft of living space. It is easily divided up, like I could clean the kitchen one day, the master bedroom and bath another, etc. I also try to get to the gym at least 3x a week if not 5x. I lead a group cycling class and may start up kickboxing again, so that's 2 hours in the morning with getting to town, exercise x 1hr, and getting home.

I guess I am really having trouble maintaining some sort of reasonably clean house without going compulsive with the whole thing. I can't expect to have a spotless home with 2 kiddos. But I like looking around and feeling pleased with how nice the house looks after it's cleaned. And my husband doesn't like coming home to a messy, toy cluttered home.

So my question is, how do you all do it? How do you get everything done in your household? Do you have a schedule, like laundry one day, cleaning the next. Or do you just wing out what needs to be done? Do you have area where toys stay, and they cannot be in other areas? I am open to all suggestions.

Friday, October 3, 2008

a cold/Milk?

we have a cold here at my house...I can't remember...does this mean no milk products? or is that only if he gets a tummy ache, thowing up, etc. ? ? ?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Money Management

Well, I have been wondering for the longest time how we do it on one income...I can't say that it is easy and had we not saved up some funds before I quit working, we couldn't do it now. So, my dilema....we currently overspend by about $400 a month. I know one thing that I really need to cut is our eating out...and coffee treats...but seriously .... We spend a lot of money on groceries ( I think )..but you have to eat, and my husband works a labor job, so he eats a lot during the day and we purchase him protein bars at Costco...yes, they are spendy, but I think worth it. This last month we spend more money on eating out/coffee than usual....about 1/3 of the 400 was dining/coffee. I know-its aweful! Other stuff...well, there isn't too much to do here in town, so I frequent the Wally world and try to find deals, etc and I know that gets us into trouble...also if I run to the BIG town and hit Target....not a great idea....seriously went yesterday for NO GOOD REASON and spent $20. Granted this $20 was on kids protein zone bars and some snack bars for me...still didn't NEED them.

We have a car payment (4WD SUV) that if we didn't have anymore, our financial lives would be so much easier, but we are stuck with it for another 4 years....YIKES...and in today's economy, we can't sell it for a profit or even break even. So, it sits in our driveway most days and I might drive it to Wallyworld or a playdate...

We opt to pay for life insurance and of coarse have car insurance, etc...the nessecitriees.....we have 2 things that are probably not necessities, but we have them anyway (a bugman and a satelite tv...oh, and I suppose DSL is considered not NEEDED...)we rarely use our home phone, but it is nice to have it...I don't use or have long distance and that saves money.

So, I stay home....and wonder how long our funds will last...sometimes we get a good bonus, and that we put back in our "fund" for overages of the month..but we don't depend upon, how do you all do it? Anybody have more words of wisdom?

I think I am going to try to go on a no buying wally trips unless it is strickly on the list (no lurking in the baby isles or the toy isles)...and maybe we can try to bring our lunch when we go shopping (oh, we live about an hour from a big town, so that is why we tend to eat out there)...

Any other ideas?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shoes? ideas?

I am looking for some shoes for Alexa for winter and trying to find something that is OK in the rain. I really like the Robeez with the rubber soles, but she is on the verge of outgrowing those. I love the See Kai Run shoes for their pliability, but they are too wide for her feet. Alexa really needs good shoes because she is so clumsy already, but I don't want to pay 80$ for the fancy brands...any ideas anyone? (She needs size 8.5-9)

Tubby time

Anybody have a great way to get your child to love getting their hair washed? We don't have a problem with the tubby time, but getting our hair washed...putting water over his a struggle and I sometimes have to hold him in the tub...

Any thoughts or wisdom you can share?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Help - bumping head on table when walking

My 12 month old is walking all over the place and he is the right height that he bumps into the table with his head everytime he walks over there. I thought of buying the helmet that onestepahead sells. It's only 12.95, plus s/h.

Is this bumping head going to hurt him, besides the briuses? What to do?


Friday, September 12, 2008

What's so cool about gagging yourself? My 4 and 2 year old have been doing this off and on recently. Is it just an attention getter? Because it's working! I honestly can't tell you if there is a pattern or anything to when they do it, but I don't get it. I don't really like gagging and can hardly believe it's a cool feeling and fun to repeat...Any thoughts?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sibling rivalry already?!

Our 5 year old has just started Kindergarten this week and our 2 1/2 year old has just started this week being very vocal and adding to the rivalry between them when she is home. I am thinking he is feeling a little topsy turvy with her being gone in the mornings. It is a strange week for both of them and for us. What do you do when you can't stand the whining, arguing, screaming, etc that they do when they are "playing" in the living room? I separate them and put them in different time out areas and have to repeat that over and over. I try to tell my oldest that she should be the big sister. I know it is hard for them both to adjust to this new schedule. Any advice on how to get them to play better together would be hair will be turning white shortly if this continues.....:)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Grouchy waking up

Anybody else have a child who is horrendously grouchy when they wake up? Justin wakes up after his nap and is usually really grouchy, throws a fit on the floor, etc for about 15 minutes...I refuse to nurse him anymore when he wakes up as I really want to wean him, so does nurse before he goes down, but that is all, only 3 times a day and I have kept this same schedule for weeks now, but he is still a grouch when we wakes up. I must say that when he wakes up in the morning he does get MILK (nursing) right away....maybe this is causing the grouchy child...

Does this get better when they are no longer nursing? Or, is this grouchy behavior normal for most kids?

So, any advice out there...any advice for weaning??? It is really hard to wean them when they enjoy the snuggle time, and so do I...but I am done nursing.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My 2 boys and I were eating at the Target food court yesterday. There was an older man of about 70 waiting in a booth, presumably for his wife to finish shopping. We were the only customers, so my 4 yr old noticed him sitting there. Rory must have thought he looked a little lost and asked, " Where did his mommy go? "

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Two Cool Sites
This site has some very cool temporary tattoos for kids when you travel.
This site has some really cute hair stuff for little girls. Boone used to work with this gal and we
did childbirth classes with her and her husband. We ran into her at Target the other day and she gave me her business card. I haven't bought anything yet, but I will because her prices are good and the hair stuff is really cute.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Road trips with little ones......

I was wondering if anyone had any good, new ideas for things to do in the car during a road trip. We have a dvd player in the car but will only be using that as a last resort with a Disney movie or something. We bring books, toys, etc. but the backseat just gets so messy. Any suggestions on activities or things that have worked for you when you travelled? We are leaving next week on an 8 hour drive. It is just going to be me on this drive, so unfortunately I can't read to them or play games with them like I do when my husband comes with us. Thank you.......

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Swiffer and Plastic Bottles

I am interested in continuing to use my Swiffer because I like the way it works, but I would like to figure out some way to replace the disposable pads and the solution. Does anyone know of any way to do this? Can the solution bottle be refilled and still work? Is there some way make a cloth pad that will stick to the bottom of the Swiffer.
Also, there's been a lot of news reports lately about the dangers of plastics leaching stuff into our foods. Does anyone know which plastics, or is it all plastics? (maybe I should be the one to look into this)

Monday, May 5, 2008

"Pleeeease take a drink"

Dealing with fevers here in our home...ugh! So how do you other mothers get your kids to keep drinking liquids? Especially water. Jonathan, 3 1/2, is SO stubborn. When he gets sick, he won't drink. Yesterday, he ran a temp anywhere from 102 to maxing out our temporal thermometer. It read "HI", which I read in the manual meant 107.4 or above. Pretty freaky.

So, we have tried everything...gatorade, apple juice, Pedialyte disguised as apple juice, lukewarm tea, popsicles... We try different glasses hoping one of them will interest him and he'll think it's cool to drink...Clifford cup, cool cup with built in straw/handle, just a plain blue plastic glass from the camper, his Camelbak, a big sports bottle like Daddy uses...Nothing works! Of course, when he's burning up, nothing is good. This is understandable, but it reaches a point where we are frantic to get him to drink. I fed him Saltines yesterday in hopes of getting him sort of worked. He did drink a little. FYI, I know he doesn't have enough liquids in him because he didn't pee today until about 1pm, not even this morning when he got up.

This morning was horrible. Now he is complaining about having "stains in his mouth from drinking the green water." (clear water from his green cup, which, btw, he specifically asked for last night.) Nothing takes the "stain" away. I brushed his teeth and tongue, he rinsed with mouthwash, I gave him 1/4 of a zinc tablet, gave him water in his blue glass, gave him a juice pouch, then resorted to yelling I was so frustrated. He whined ALL morning and it drives me absolutely bonkers. I asked him if his tongue hurt and he said yes, but couldn't explain it any further. I looked at it and it just looks like it may need more has a whiteish film on it.

OK, so suggestions on 1) how do you get your kids to keep drinking? and 2) how do you get them to get past things like Jonathan's "stains on his tongue"?

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Motherly changes

Okay, so my hubby says that I am totally changing...I think I am becoming my grandmother. I find myself now cleaning all the time. When Justin was little, I wasn't concerned about the kitchen being cleaned or the floor, but now that he is bigger I want it to be clean. . . and I find myself cleaning more! Is this normal? Am I being overly anal? Todd isn't complaining, says it is actually funny to him, we have swaped places (he was always the clean dude).

It just seems that being home all day and now with Justin walking all over the house, there is constantly clutter and stuff he has taken from one room to the next etc...and the kitchen floor always seems like it needs to be cleaned, so I have been sweeping daily (is this normal???) Does it get worse the more you have?

I can say that I am proud to not be a swiffer snob anymore. I have some left over, but will sweep instead...this costs less and I am not putting the swiffer sheet in the landfill. One step toward being greener.....

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

To make you laugh

OK-I promise I won't start posting every joke or funny thing I come across, but this made me laugh so hard..
From Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. She overheard her 3rd grade daughter explaining this to some of her friends..
"A stallion is a boy that's really fierce and bossy," she told them. "But they can give them an operation that makes them gentle and nice and helpful. You know. Like our daddies."

So many levels on which this is funny to me.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Is your baby bottle toxic?

I just got done reading this article on the safety of baby bottles. Not to suddenly seem like an alarmist but I decided it was worth being aware of.

Baby Food

I've just started feeding my 8 month old baby food regularly. I know that Dana and Darla had a homemade recipe for baby food. I was wondering if you could post it? :)
Thanks a bunch!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Not sleeping in bed......

My 2 year old is now refusing to sleep in his toddler bed, which is by the way, by the door. He would rather us tuck him in there and then as soon as we close the door, he gets out of bed and curls up in front of his door. We thought at first it was the light under the door from the hallway but that doesn't really matter if the light is on or off. We tried a nightlight in his room but he really doesn't like the nightlight and cries with the light. He likes it dark in his room unlike his older sister. So I guess I am asking if anyone has gone through this and if anyone has advice on some things to do to keep him in his bed. During the night he gets cold because he is out of his covers. So he wakes up crying and we start the whole cycle again. Any suggestions?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Cleaning Products

Hi everyone-
This morning as I was cleaning ahem, poo off the carpet I was really glad to have some good stuff to use, so I thought I maybe you all wouldn't mind if I shared my views about cleaning products. First off, we do all need to disinfect things sometimes, bath toys, bathtubs, toilets etc. Unfortunately that old favorite bleach is a strong oxidizing agent. This means that when it comes into contact with skin it burns it. From personal experience I know this doesn't not necessarily cause big bad heat type blisters, but it is still unhealthy. If you want some sources for more proof of why bleach is bad, I can look some up for you, but I have my M.S. in organic chemistry so I do know a little about chemicals. When we use bleach to disinfect things we can be careful by rinsing the surface carefully with water a bunch of times, and if the surface is non-porous this may be sufficient. However, there are alternatives that don't require so much care with their use and are equally effective. Herbal cleaning products and vinegar are two of my favorites. You can make your own, or buy them. I use products from a company called Melaleuca which sells something called Solumel (containing Tea Tree Oil) and another one that uses Thyme for disinfection. One other big safety hazard you may possess is dishwasher detergent. Most of these contain bleach also, and since we put it in the dishwasher, it is within reach of our children. Ok-enough of the blah blah blah...does anyone else have homemade cleaning products? Opinions?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Working Out . . when to find the time.

Okay. . .

I haven't been able to get back on the treadmill since I was PG with Justin. I have been able to loose about 30 pounds (in about a year), but am now feeling the need to do more before we decide to have another. Another 10 pounds gone would be fabulous. Anyone out there sharing the same? Anybody have great ideas?

I see my wedding picture up and that is still about 30 pounds away from where I am now....wouldn't..I would love to just be 10 pounds lighter - unfortunately, I don't always make the best of choices.

I do go walking with a friend 3-4 times a week, but with kids and distractions (we chat it up)...we aren't really running a marathon, but getting out is good for the soul.

I am not a great morning person, so getting up b4 Justin isn't too great an idea, plus I am full of milk at that time, so I think my best is during Todd's lunch, or at night after I put Justin to sleep or when Todd is home with him, and then you go into the whole BF issue of the milk changing taste, etc. Wow, so much....all in all, I figure I would need to get my workout in at 8pm, when I put him to bed . . or set up the gate thing I bought a few weeks ago ($20 steal) in the garage...anyone else going through the same dilema's?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I thought this was an interesting article about autism and the potential link to vaccinations. Also, there's a link within the article to "generation rescue" for alternative vaccination recommendations. I don't have a defined opinion on this yet, but I thought it was worth taking a look at.

Here's the link: CNN article

Monday, March 24, 2008

Moon Sand?

I just bought a small tub of moonsand to try with our kids and was wondering what everyone else thought of the product. Playdough in my mind is more friendly to play with and easier to clean up. It is very different to play with.....any suggestions on activities with moonsand for the kids? Thanks!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Peel & Stick decorating

I saw this in my parenting magazine and it looks really cute...thought I would share the link...

Decorating a room


I don't know how many of you are big readers like I am, but just for fun - What are your favorite books? What about your kids?

I love
The Outlander series of books by Diana Gabaldon
The Skystone series by Jack Whyte
Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver
Mrs Pollifax books by Dorothy Gilman

Alexa loves
All things Olivia by Ian Falconer
Zen Shorts by John Muth
All Dr Suess of course
The Napping House by Audrey Wood (I think - just doing this from memory)

Also I just read Fancy Nancy at the bookstore and am planning on getting some of these for Alexa. Very cute and fun.

I also found a good website for book lovers called where you can enter all the books you've read, review them, look at the reviews of others etc. If anyone joins that one I am on there with the username brandyann.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Napping / Nursing

Nursing and thing that is still not consistent in my household. Justin usually nurses to sleep and I hold him....I am getting really tired of this routine, so as of this afternoon I am not going to do it anymore (so I say this now, but if he cries for hours on end, and then we nurse and he falls asleep-then what do I do)???? We are also very tired of this waking up multiple times during the night....Todd and I are both so very tired....I think our only resolution is let him "cry it out"...I feel horrible because it keeps Todd up all night long when he cries for hours...and I can nap during the day and Todd can't.

Justin usually takes 2 naps a day, but just read that he could start taking one nap a day at 12 he didn't get a morning nap, just his snooze as he nursed, then he woke up as I tried to put him down. this past weekend, he only napped 1 time each day..and slept a little better at night, but not great.

He does so well at night getting to sleep at first, we have our routine, and he goes down without a peep - but wakes up between 12-2 and then again 2 hours later, etc...

I really enjoy nursing, so I don't want to give it up, but the night nursing has to end...he doesn't need it..and he is eating plenty. We now have snacks during the day, and just for lunch today he ate a whole vegi-dog (no bun) and some crackers.....I think for a 13.5 month old, that is a lot? ? ?

Anyone had similar issues? Resolutions? I hate hearing the crying, but am ready for me time and some sleep!

Update--1:32pm - Justin has been crying for 37 minutes and I think he is asleep...I might try to get some zzz's too...

Monday, March 10, 2008


This caught my eye as we are very into superheroes around here right now. If it were up to Reese we would all wear capes...

How a Mommy spends her day!

This is a poem I wrote and published in our local MOPS newsletter. It was a fun write. Enjoy!

Needs of a Mom

One morning a bit of “nature called”, if you understand what I mean. ;-)
And so I headed to the bathroom, but on the way, it seems
someone had dropped a small burp rag on the floor of the living room,
so I thought I’d pick it up and get it into my children’s room.

I noticed the kids’ hamper was just bursting at the seams.
And so I thought, “I’ll just throw these clothes into my washing machine.
In they went, but whoops! Just wait! There’s still a load from yesterday!
“Well, let’s throw it in the dryer and hope the wrinkles go away.”

Out of the laundry room I came on a mission to answer that “calling”,
when I noticed a faint bad odor come from my baby who’s started crawling.
Again, into the nursery I went to change a nasty diaper.
I got her undressed and began to work when I saw I had nothing to wipe her!

I make some wipes from paper towels and soap, (it’s really nothing, no toil.)
And so I ran into the kitchen to get the teapot on to boil.
Huggies wipes to the rescue, diaper’s changed, I exit my little girl’s room.
I passed through the kitchen and saw Jonathan had made a mess. “Where’s the broom?”
I resigned myself to cleaning it up and, as I swept, I was shocked!
”I had no idea my floor was this dirty”…the next thing you know, I had mopped!

“Now, what’s that? A shrill whistle’s beginning. Oh, yes! I was boiling water
to make homemade wipes for the next time I need to change my sweet little daughter.
That’s all done, but, while the water is hot, I might as well make muffin mix
because that will help me out tomorrow and make breakfast easy to fix.”

“Oh, Jonathan, are you hungry, sweet boy? Let me stop and get you a snack.”
(There’s nothing like a hungry toddler to become a monkey on your back!)
“And, Annisia! That shrill shriek’s got to end! Let’s get you down for a nap.
Come, let’s find your snuggly and a quiet place and I’ll rock you asleep on my lap.
My word, do you see the wood stove ash covering the top of the piano?
I guess I’ll get the dust rag and clean some so a little less dirt will show.”

“OK, that’s done, now where was I? Was I going to the laundry room?
I must have been, I loaded the washer…should be done by now, I presume.”
Unload and reload the dryer then fold the clothes; it seems laundry is never done.
Nor is cooking and cleaning…but I get to play with the kids and that’s load of fun!

“Now what should I make for lunch? That’s always the million dollar question!
Dad wants a salad, son wants a corn dog, baby wants me! No objection!”
So I began preparing this interesting meal, it can be fun sometimes.
“Annisia is taking a pretty long nap. What time is it?” 12 0’clock chimes.
Like clockwork she awakes and wants to nurse. “I guess there’s time for that now
‘Cause Jonathan doesn’t want to come in anyways, ain’t no way, ain’t no how!

Whew! That’s over! Lunch is put away, and the dishes have all been done.”
It’s time for Jonathan to take a nap, and Annisia to have some fun.
“Now don’t make a fuss, son, just lay down and sleep. You’ll be able to play more later.”
Soon he was out on his new pillowcase that has tractors, and trucks, and a grader.
Annisia and I played for awhile, then she was ready for nap number two.
I laid her down, and left the room, then wondered “What else must I do?
So nice to have a breather from the morning’s song and dance.”
Then, suddenly, I rushed down the hall as I began to wet my pants!

Darla, May 2007

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Homeschooling vs. Public Schooling

We are at a crossroads here. We are trying to decide whether we should is still legal in Nevada.....or send our children to the school across the street. We are just worried about all the "agendas" that we feel are not appropriate for kids being pushed on them eventually. Luckily, our school district is very conservative but it could be just a matter of time before our children can be indoctrinated into certain ideas that we don't want them to deal with at their young ages. As a teacher myself, I have always thought that going to school is the best but then we had two of our own! We are registering our daughter for Kindergarten at the school across the street for next year but wanted to know everyone's opinion.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

What to do with the bathroom clutter?

Here's a philisophical question for you all. What do you do with all the stuff in your bathroom that you don't use but is still usable? I am talking about vitamins that you don't take, hair products that you used once or twice, skin stuff etc. I have so much of this stuff in my bathroom and I can't figure out if it is worse to throw it away, therefore "wasting" it - or to keep it cluttering up my life and having to actually clean the dusty bottles. I am thinking the right thing is to throw it away. My resolve to actually use the stuff never seems to last long enough to make a dent in it!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A thought about stayin' home!

Hello to everyone! I am Kate, and a stay at home mom of two little boys ages 2 and 6 months. I live on a ranch, and this winter have been literally snowed into my house because the weather and snow drifts have been so bad! Luckily, we are enjoying some nicer weather right now.
This morning I had a wonderful conversation with my mom. She is a working mother, and has been since I was seven years old. Everytime I talk to her, she tells me how lucky I am to be able to be home with my kids. This morning was no different. She explained how tugged she feels about wishing she could stay home with my younger sister even now, but that financially she just cannot afford to not work. I spent Saturday with a dear friend of mine who just recently had a baby on February 8. She is on six weeks leave right now from work, but then has to return because she cannot afford not to work. My heart goes out to my mom, my dear friend, and to all the mothers that feel tugged about not being able to stay home with their little ones. I feel privileged to be a stay at home mom. I also want all you working mothers to know how much I appreciate you too!!!
Just a thought about stayin' home!

A good idea...?

I ran across this idea in The Toddler's Busy Book by Trish Kuffner... Tape a picture or pictures to the ceiling above your child's bathtub and have them talk to you about the picture as you wash their hair! I thought this was ingenious. I haven't hung any pictures yet, but the thought is there...

This book has a great picture in it in which all the "piggies" are taking a bath...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

When mommies are sick......

Is it bad to put the kids in front of the television to watch a movie when mommy is sick? I don't like them watching tv but an occasional movie is okay. It is not like I would do it all day but sometimes mommies get sick and what else is there to do when your husband is's ponderable questions.....any suggestions for some activities for a 2 and a 4 year old to do while I am getting over this flu? Have no energy whatsoever. Just wondering what other moms do during these moments.

Friday, February 15, 2008


I am trying to have a positive ending to this week (with sick kids, etc.), so I found this quote. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Healer extraordinare

Is there any headier feeling than being able to heal an owwie with a single kiss?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hi everyone

Just a hello post. I am Brandy for those of you who don't know me - and I stay home with my three year old Alexa.
The only useful info I have at this time is my sister's trick for making mac and cheese from a box at least a little bit healthy. Put cottage cheese in the blender with the cheese powder and puree it to make the cheese sauce. Cottage cheese has a huge amount of protein in a small volume. I know this won't work for those allergic to milk, but I guess mac and cheese isn't an option there anyway.
Also, regarding temper tantrums. I think kids don't really learn to have temper tantrums from anyone. I think they just get frustrated and don't know how to express it. Again from my sister - tell them you understand that they feel mad or sad or whatever and then help them vent in a way that won't hurt anyone. Maybe hitting a pillow or something like that. The trick about giving them words to express how they feel also comes from my daughter's teacher's.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

4 year old temper tantrums

I would like to know if any moms out there have experienced full on temper tantrums with their 4 year old? We are thrown by this. She can be lovey dovey and nice one minute and the next start stomping her foot and getting rude. We don't teach her that at home and she doesn't go to daycare. She is just a very passionate little girl. My parents told me I was like that at her age and always telling stories. She has been telling us the weirdest stories lately and then the next minute bursting into tears. Does anyone have any suggestions? We just have a normal family life and a happy one at that. She isn't learning it at church that we know of either which is where she is in contact with others her age. We are thinking it might have to do with my husband's weird hours at work. Not sure. Thank you.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Three Things...

1. Check out the link on the right for wholesome toddler food recipes. I haven't tried any of the recipes, but they look good and I plan on making them. I especially like the snack food ideas.

2. I read in the most recent issue of Parenting an awesome tip: a mom carries a little stack of Post-It notes in her purse and she puts one over the automatic sensor of toilets when her toddler is using the toilet. It keeps it from going off in the middle of the process and scaring them... I haven't tried this one, but I completely love the idea as our 3 year old is petrified of public restrooms because of the automatic ones that have gone off mid-poop. Post-It notes are on my shopping list!

3. Check out this mom's blog post about the 4:30pm blues... I can totally relate! I feel like my 4:30pm blues come from figuring out dinner and then finding the energy to cook/clean-up for the third time each day...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sleep Deprived. . .

Well, Justin was sleeping pretty well..but for the past 4 nights he has decided that he needs to get up and nurse 3 times per night. I could take 2 times, but 3 is exhausting! And, I just don't have the patience to let him cry it out in the middle of the night. We did one night and gave up after an hour. I am not sure why I feel like we are going in reverse with the sleep issue vs. forward...what I would give for a full night of sleep (or even 6 full hours).

Thursday, January 31, 2008

They may not say it...

but they probably think it...


In need of treats and not wanting the little people to find them I've taken to hiding treats in my knitting bag. The part that is truly pathetic is that the *treat* is mini baking M&M's...

Mommy Poll

How do you keep your kids busy in the winter?

If you haven't guessed, I'm running low on ideas but here are mine:

With me:
attempts at board games (not real successful yet),
going to the library or some other indoor play place
"cooking"- giving them utensils etc while I cook

Without me:
crayon, glue, scissor experiments (the best word for it!)
books on CD for R,
playdough with plastic forks and knives for practicing cutting (big with R),
flashlights in a dark room,
puzzles (new skill hooray!)
music for dancing, parading about like crazy people

Any thoughts helpful as more snow is on the way!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Hair Loss

Every day as I shower and brush my hair I am still getting gobs of hair coming out. It has been almost a year (Wed) since Justin was born. I am still nursing, but really wondering when I will stop loosing my hair?

Friday, January 25, 2008

70% off Leap Pad

I went to register a leap baby item we had received and they are having a 70% sale on some LeapPad items. It looks like a great deal...those prices are what you would pay used....

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Books, books, everywhere!!!!

Do any moms know of a great way to keep books orderly and in their places? My kids love to play and read the books. But they never seem to go back to the spot where they came from.....what to do? I have used shelving, boxes, etc.....Any thoughts?

Cloth Diaper Mom's?

Hey, are there any cloth diaper Mom's out there? I have been doing cloth prefolds in a G-Diaper for about a month now...I like them, but I love the Happy Heiny's. I really want to invest in the one size Happy Heiny's....maybe one at a time...Just curious how many of there are....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Needing Couple Time

Jim and I have been dreaming of taking a mini-vacation sans kids for quite awhile now... Swissmiss posted this the other day and now we are really wanting a vacation. We would be happy to go to the hotel down the street, just to get away... I sometimes feel bad about wanting alone time with Jim and not wanting the kids around, but it seems so healthy. There are many books out there that promote getting away just the two of you, and then the kids get time alone with Oma (she'd probably be the one to watch them). Sometimes it is hard to justify spending the money when we don't have any, but one of the books I just read puts it bluntly that it is better/cheaper to get the time together now and have a little debt than to get a divorce later. We aren't close to the divorce thing, but it helps to think of it that way. Our relationship is important. And, ultimately when we are happy together then the kids are happy. The only thing holding us back at this time is the fact that Carsten is still nursing...

When Carsten is done...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

More on being sick

Thanks for giving info regarding meds, etc...I have been doing Motrin/Tylenol at the same time, only cause my friends said it was okay, so I believed them, but always nice to know it is really ok. My doctor said the same thing. We ended up going first thing on Friday morning...I just couldn't take it, I it was something more than a cold. So, Todd and I packed up a tired & Cranky Justin and headed for the Pediatrian (45 miles away) would ask why he is so far away....We live in a small town (where everyone's business is shared, and I just like having a Pro-Nursing doctor and one who I know keeps up on the recent events, etc.....

So, he had an ear infection, we got on antibiotics...and they said he could take the motrin/tylenol, medication that was prescribed, and could take 1/4 teaspoon of Dimetapp or Triaminic "cold & allergy" for children. I thought it was interesting that we could use children's meds at the age of 11 months, but it seems to be working.

Daddy has been sick, and as luck would have it, I woke up Saturday AM with the sore throut, etc. So, since I was still feeling so, so...and desperately needed to get out of the house, we went to town to get groceries. Upon getting home I had the cold to the bone - hotter than hot on the outside sick going on. We all three fell asleep at about 6pm....Justin and I went in the bedroom at 8pm, and then he woke up about 5 times by 9:30, so I decided he needed his own space, off to his own crib...I got some sleep for about 2 hours, then back to our bed he came....needless to say we were up at 4am this morning with Justin....I got in about a 1/2 nap at 6am. Off to bed soon.

We are surviving and learning a lot. I really had no idea how awful it would be for all of us to be sick, but the worry a mother has for her child when they are sick. It is really overwhelming. Thanks for the advice....

Friday, January 18, 2008

Kids Wooly Crocs

Just an FYI that kids Mammoth Crocs are at Costco! They are $21.99 instead of $29.99 on the Crocs site.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sick kid

Justin now has his second cold/flu...whatever he has. We have had a fever 2 nights in a row, but it goes away during the day....have a very runny nose...yellow today, was green yesterday, so I think that means that he is getting better.....and a little cough. These are so not fun times for the mommy. I am the 100% caretaker during the night and for some reason when they are sick it is harder...mostly cause I don't sleep as well, he doesn't' sleep as well, etc. Now that Justin is sleep trained, he doesn't really want to sleep with us anymore, but he doesn't want to be in his crib either, so at 3am (after a night of Justin and me in the bed and Todd on the couch - note that Todd is getting sick too.....we kicked Todd off the couch and took over). Anyway, this momma is ready for a healthy baby and daddy. Ready for my nights when Justin only woke up was heaven the whole week or two it lasted!

I did call the doc yesterday and they said if he isn't better by tomorrow, then they will get me in. We currently are only on Motrin and Tylenol - alternating the two. Justin is exhausted, but will only nap 1 hour in am and 1 in the afternoon...

I have been doing the garlic treatment both days, and there is no pulling on the ears, so I really think it is just a cold....(maybe Dana can expand on the garlic treatment).

Any advice is greatly appreciated!