Friday, February 15, 2008


I am trying to have a positive ending to this week (with sick kids, etc.), so I found this quote. Enjoy!


Kate said...

Hey Dana,
I have sick kids right now too!!! I have been spoiled because Hazen is almost six months, and has yet to be sick. I guess it was bound to happen sometime. I just DO NOT like being up most of the night. It sure is an adjustment when a person has two kids because then my 2 year old was up bright and early. Thanks for the wonderful quote, it cheered me up. ;)
PS I would love to be added to this blog if possible.

the wallys said...

I love this quote....makes it all worth it. Not even for an unbelievable amount of money would I ever give up my job as a mommy!

Farmer's Wife said...

I'm enjoying this blog! Nice to know that there are so many other Moms that are going through the same day to day things as I am.

Your right! Being a "Mom" is the best! Keep up the good work!