Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Grouchy waking up

Anybody else have a child who is horrendously grouchy when they wake up? Justin wakes up after his nap and is usually really grouchy, throws a fit on the floor, etc for about 15 minutes...I refuse to nurse him anymore when he wakes up as I really want to wean him, so does nurse before he goes down, but that is all, only 3 times a day and I have kept this same schedule for weeks now, but he is still a grouch when we wakes up. I must say that when he wakes up in the morning he does get MILK (nursing) right away....maybe this is causing the grouchy child...

Does this get better when they are no longer nursing? Or, is this grouchy behavior normal for most kids?

So, any advice out there...any advice for weaning??? It is really hard to wean them when they enjoy the snuggle time, and so do I...but I am done nursing.

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Darla said...

Is he waking on his own, or are you going into his room and opening curtains, making noise, kissing him to wake him at an appropriate time so he will go to bed at an appropriate time? I do this sometimes with my little 2y/o girl, and she's a doll! She wakes up smiling and cheery. My 4 y/o boy, however, can be the biggest grouch in the morning...CAN being the key word. If I quietly go in and open his curtains, kiss him and leave and he wakes on his own, usually he's fine. If I go in and shake his shoulder, tickle him, or some other thing, he will get grouchy.

My mother in law always told me to put toys in the crib after the kids were asleep. Then they would wake and play a bit before needing out. I don't know if Justin is in a crib or bed, but you could try laying a couple toys, or a book he could look at. Maybe the "fun" distraction would make him less grouchy.

Are you nursing him to sleep for his nap? Many references say to not do that, but to let them fall asleep on their own, ie. you nurse, but before they are asleep, you detach them and lay them down so they can "own" their going to sleep.

Just a few ideas...good luck!