Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A thought about stayin' home!

Hello to everyone! I am Kate, and a stay at home mom of two little boys ages 2 and 6 months. I live on a ranch, and this winter have been literally snowed into my house because the weather and snow drifts have been so bad! Luckily, we are enjoying some nicer weather right now.
This morning I had a wonderful conversation with my mom. She is a working mother, and has been since I was seven years old. Everytime I talk to her, she tells me how lucky I am to be able to be home with my kids. This morning was no different. She explained how tugged she feels about wishing she could stay home with my younger sister even now, but that financially she just cannot afford to not work. I spent Saturday with a dear friend of mine who just recently had a baby on February 8. She is on six weeks leave right now from work, but then has to return because she cannot afford not to work. My heart goes out to my mom, my dear friend, and to all the mothers that feel tugged about not being able to stay home with their little ones. I feel privileged to be a stay at home mom. I also want all you working mothers to know how much I appreciate you too!!!
Just a thought about stayin' home!


Boone, Gina and Abigail said...

Thanks for your kind words about working moms. Sometimes I do feel sorta in limbo at times. I love my daughter and love being with her, yet I love the stimulation of working because it is different than being at home. However I work because I have to, not because I want to.

Dim and Jana said...

Thanks for the great post Kate! Maybe we should make this blog more *mommy* friendly and just keep the emphasis on staying home while making everyone welcome (if that makes sense)!

the wallys said...

I agree about the blog title being more "mommy". I do appreciate all the working moms out there too....to keep having their heartstrings pulled everytime they leave for work. God has been good to my family so that I can stay home.

Paula said...

Thanks Kate for your post, today I read it and was thankfull again for the privlage I have of being "my kids mom".