Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hi everyone

Just a hello post. I am Brandy for those of you who don't know me - and I stay home with my three year old Alexa.
The only useful info I have at this time is my sister's trick for making mac and cheese from a box at least a little bit healthy. Put cottage cheese in the blender with the cheese powder and puree it to make the cheese sauce. Cottage cheese has a huge amount of protein in a small volume. I know this won't work for those allergic to milk, but I guess mac and cheese isn't an option there anyway.
Also, regarding temper tantrums. I think kids don't really learn to have temper tantrums from anyone. I think they just get frustrated and don't know how to express it. Again from my sister - tell them you understand that they feel mad or sad or whatever and then help them vent in a way that won't hurt anyone. Maybe hitting a pillow or something like that. The trick about giving them words to express how they feel also comes from my daughter's teacher's.

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