Thursday, February 28, 2008

What to do with the bathroom clutter?

Here's a philisophical question for you all. What do you do with all the stuff in your bathroom that you don't use but is still usable? I am talking about vitamins that you don't take, hair products that you used once or twice, skin stuff etc. I have so much of this stuff in my bathroom and I can't figure out if it is worse to throw it away, therefore "wasting" it - or to keep it cluttering up my life and having to actually clean the dusty bottles. I am thinking the right thing is to throw it away. My resolve to actually use the stuff never seems to last long enough to make a dent in it!


Dim and Jana said...

I'm a *thrower awayer*... I would chuck it all. I don't like clutter. I try to remember all the half used stuff when I go to buy more and to only buy things I really think I'll use. I still end up with half bottles though. Good luck!!!

the wallys said...

I am with Dana completely! I figure if I don't use it or it hasn't been used for a long time, why keep it? A nice and clean bathroom is what I like.

Kate said...

I completely agree! It feels so good just to get rid of stuff.
PS Thanks for the comments ladies about my post. I look forward to sharing and reading all of your thoughts in the days to come. This really is a wonderful and helpful blog!