Sunday, September 28, 2008

Money Management

Well, I have been wondering for the longest time how we do it on one income...I can't say that it is easy and had we not saved up some funds before I quit working, we couldn't do it now. So, my dilema....we currently overspend by about $400 a month. I know one thing that I really need to cut is our eating out...and coffee treats...but seriously .... We spend a lot of money on groceries ( I think )..but you have to eat, and my husband works a labor job, so he eats a lot during the day and we purchase him protein bars at Costco...yes, they are spendy, but I think worth it. This last month we spend more money on eating out/coffee than usual....about 1/3 of the 400 was dining/coffee. I know-its aweful! Other stuff...well, there isn't too much to do here in town, so I frequent the Wally world and try to find deals, etc and I know that gets us into trouble...also if I run to the BIG town and hit Target....not a great idea....seriously went yesterday for NO GOOD REASON and spent $20. Granted this $20 was on kids protein zone bars and some snack bars for me...still didn't NEED them.

We have a car payment (4WD SUV) that if we didn't have anymore, our financial lives would be so much easier, but we are stuck with it for another 4 years....YIKES...and in today's economy, we can't sell it for a profit or even break even. So, it sits in our driveway most days and I might drive it to Wallyworld or a playdate...

We opt to pay for life insurance and of coarse have car insurance, etc...the nessecitriees.....we have 2 things that are probably not necessities, but we have them anyway (a bugman and a satelite tv...oh, and I suppose DSL is considered not NEEDED...)we rarely use our home phone, but it is nice to have it...I don't use or have long distance and that saves money.

So, I stay home....and wonder how long our funds will last...sometimes we get a good bonus, and that we put back in our "fund" for overages of the month..but we don't depend upon, how do you all do it? Anybody have more words of wisdom?

I think I am going to try to go on a no buying wally trips unless it is strickly on the list (no lurking in the baby isles or the toy isles)...and maybe we can try to bring our lunch when we go shopping (oh, we live about an hour from a big town, so that is why we tend to eat out there)...

Any other ideas?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shoes? ideas?

I am looking for some shoes for Alexa for winter and trying to find something that is OK in the rain. I really like the Robeez with the rubber soles, but she is on the verge of outgrowing those. I love the See Kai Run shoes for their pliability, but they are too wide for her feet. Alexa really needs good shoes because she is so clumsy already, but I don't want to pay 80$ for the fancy brands...any ideas anyone? (She needs size 8.5-9)

Tubby time

Anybody have a great way to get your child to love getting their hair washed? We don't have a problem with the tubby time, but getting our hair washed...putting water over his a struggle and I sometimes have to hold him in the tub...

Any thoughts or wisdom you can share?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Help - bumping head on table when walking

My 12 month old is walking all over the place and he is the right height that he bumps into the table with his head everytime he walks over there. I thought of buying the helmet that onestepahead sells. It's only 12.95, plus s/h.

Is this bumping head going to hurt him, besides the briuses? What to do?


Friday, September 12, 2008

What's so cool about gagging yourself? My 4 and 2 year old have been doing this off and on recently. Is it just an attention getter? Because it's working! I honestly can't tell you if there is a pattern or anything to when they do it, but I don't get it. I don't really like gagging and can hardly believe it's a cool feeling and fun to repeat...Any thoughts?