Monday, March 10, 2008

How a Mommy spends her day!

This is a poem I wrote and published in our local MOPS newsletter. It was a fun write. Enjoy!

Needs of a Mom

One morning a bit of “nature called”, if you understand what I mean. ;-)
And so I headed to the bathroom, but on the way, it seems
someone had dropped a small burp rag on the floor of the living room,
so I thought I’d pick it up and get it into my children’s room.

I noticed the kids’ hamper was just bursting at the seams.
And so I thought, “I’ll just throw these clothes into my washing machine.
In they went, but whoops! Just wait! There’s still a load from yesterday!
“Well, let’s throw it in the dryer and hope the wrinkles go away.”

Out of the laundry room I came on a mission to answer that “calling”,
when I noticed a faint bad odor come from my baby who’s started crawling.
Again, into the nursery I went to change a nasty diaper.
I got her undressed and began to work when I saw I had nothing to wipe her!

I make some wipes from paper towels and soap, (it’s really nothing, no toil.)
And so I ran into the kitchen to get the teapot on to boil.
Huggies wipes to the rescue, diaper’s changed, I exit my little girl’s room.
I passed through the kitchen and saw Jonathan had made a mess. “Where’s the broom?”
I resigned myself to cleaning it up and, as I swept, I was shocked!
”I had no idea my floor was this dirty”…the next thing you know, I had mopped!

“Now, what’s that? A shrill whistle’s beginning. Oh, yes! I was boiling water
to make homemade wipes for the next time I need to change my sweet little daughter.
That’s all done, but, while the water is hot, I might as well make muffin mix
because that will help me out tomorrow and make breakfast easy to fix.”

“Oh, Jonathan, are you hungry, sweet boy? Let me stop and get you a snack.”
(There’s nothing like a hungry toddler to become a monkey on your back!)
“And, Annisia! That shrill shriek’s got to end! Let’s get you down for a nap.
Come, let’s find your snuggly and a quiet place and I’ll rock you asleep on my lap.
My word, do you see the wood stove ash covering the top of the piano?
I guess I’ll get the dust rag and clean some so a little less dirt will show.”

“OK, that’s done, now where was I? Was I going to the laundry room?
I must have been, I loaded the washer…should be done by now, I presume.”
Unload and reload the dryer then fold the clothes; it seems laundry is never done.
Nor is cooking and cleaning…but I get to play with the kids and that’s load of fun!

“Now what should I make for lunch? That’s always the million dollar question!
Dad wants a salad, son wants a corn dog, baby wants me! No objection!”
So I began preparing this interesting meal, it can be fun sometimes.
“Annisia is taking a pretty long nap. What time is it?” 12 0’clock chimes.
Like clockwork she awakes and wants to nurse. “I guess there’s time for that now
‘Cause Jonathan doesn’t want to come in anyways, ain’t no way, ain’t no how!

Whew! That’s over! Lunch is put away, and the dishes have all been done.”
It’s time for Jonathan to take a nap, and Annisia to have some fun.
“Now don’t make a fuss, son, just lay down and sleep. You’ll be able to play more later.”
Soon he was out on his new pillowcase that has tractors, and trucks, and a grader.
Annisia and I played for awhile, then she was ready for nap number two.
I laid her down, and left the room, then wondered “What else must I do?
So nice to have a breather from the morning’s song and dance.”
Then, suddenly, I rushed down the hall as I began to wet my pants!

Darla, May 2007


Dim and Jana said...

I love it! I think that has happened to all of us... Thanks for sharing!

Kate said...

I love it too! Thanks for sharing. :)
I had a good chuckle while Hazen was sitting on my lap. Fischer is out riding in the tractor with G'pa. He loves it, and it gives Mommy a little break.