Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Swiffer and Plastic Bottles

I am interested in continuing to use my Swiffer because I like the way it works, but I would like to figure out some way to replace the disposable pads and the solution. Does anyone know of any way to do this? Can the solution bottle be refilled and still work? Is there some way make a cloth pad that will stick to the bottom of the Swiffer.
Also, there's been a lot of news reports lately about the dangers of plastics leaching stuff into our foods. Does anyone know which plastics, or is it all plastics? (maybe I should be the one to look into this)


Boone, Gina and Abigail said...

I did a post about the plastic baby bottles a few posts back. If you do a search for BPA Free plastic bottles it gives you some great info. The recycle number on the bottom of many plastic bottles has that little number on it and there are numbers you want to avoid. We just got done replacing all of your water bottles and baby bottles with BPA free ones. It's hard to find in stores right now but you can online.

Janelle said...

For info on plastics, which ones are safe,etc go to

the mama said...

swiffer.... i use old rags (cut up t-shirts, old washcloths etc...) on the bottom of the swiffer instead of the pads. then i'll lightly spray the floor with mrs. meyers or vinegar and let it set right before i mop. the rags are absorbent enough to sop up the liquid and it does just as well as the chemical/plastic combo.

plastics... we're slowly but surely doing away with them. we reuse jars for food storage now and all of our dishes are glass or porcelain. i have a few of the playtex sippies around for convenience (they're supposedly okay), but we always try to use the siggs or the kleen kanteens instead.

i've also done some major overhauls with the girls toys. we've tossed most of their plastic stuff (even if it tested free of lead and toxins) simply because i don't know if i could deal with the consequences.

i should mention that my girls both suffer from major allergies so since their little immune systems are already having to deal with so much, we really try to reduce their exposure to things that could cause their systems to work even more overtime.

marla said...

swiffers - I bought a mop cover that is made by Orange Glo and it has velco like fabric on it that you can place on the the swiffer. I love the fact that you can then just throw this in the wash vs. having to dipose of the swiffer pads in the trash. I just use the Orange glo brand spray for hard woods also. You can find these products at target