Monday, February 2, 2009

I was wondering what you parents do with your kids during the evening. After dinner before bedtime? What activities do you do, do you just let them do their own thing or do you plan things? My daughter will be 2 this month. Thanks!!


Growininwillows said...

We don't have a schedule after dinner, but if it is bath night, that takes up a good portion of the there is only an hour between dinner and bath time. Then we have our bedtime routine and Justin is in bed by 8pm.

the wallys said...

Just set a schedule. It makes things run smoother I feel although I am a very scheduled person. My oldest helps me in the kitchen after dinner. We eat around 4:30 or 5 and then after she helps me I finish up with a few things. We are usually ready for showers by about 5:45 or 6. After that we change into jammies, read books, play games, talk, watch a movie on movie night, whatever and then at 7:30 and no later is bedtime. Bedtime routine for us consists of brush teeth, short story, prayers, lights out and night night. Doesn't take too long.

rae ann said...

we have managed to keep a routine throughout our 4 years of parenthood. sometimes it gets blown because we have different things happening on different evenings during different seasons, but on the evenings that we're all here, it looks something like this:
6pm- dad's home & dinner's done or nearly done
7pm- bathtime (which we do every night and allow it to drag on as long as they want. sometimes this means that they're in there 10 minutes and other days, it's a full hour. often, this is their signal to mellow out for the night).
by 8pm- brush teeth, comb hair, jammie up, last glass of water
8.30pm- read books in bed with daddy
bed between 8.30 and 9pm (depending on how their day has been).

the routine works pretty well for us. when bathtime is short, we'll often play a game or start reading really early and then read twice as many books.